I can’t recommend Woofy Warehouse enough, it’s a little paradise for all dogs. It’s so good to go to work and know that Belle will be running around playing with her friends all day. She has access to an indoor and outdoor play area which is so good especially in this heat because I know she will be in the paddling pool at Woofy cooling down. There’s even a lounge area for them to nap and relax! When belle gets home she’s so much easier to take care of as she is all tired out from daycare. Since starting daycare she’s actually started to eat her tea because of all the energy she has burned and it’s controlling her weight. The evil look she gives us on the weekend when she sees we aren’t taking her to Woofy Warehouse says it all really! The staff are also so friendly and you can tell that they adore each and every dog, belles always so happy to see them so I know she is in good hands

Molly Cragg